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Dear reader, I continue as I wish to continue my articles. My new route is Mexico. Which puts a smile on my face every time I remember it.

on the way to the maya ritual Xharet Mexico


     Our first route was Cuba, and I will give it a place in a separate article. I wanted to start with Mexico, so I continue. Despite all the words, don’t go, there are cartels there, your body will not be found, we two women landed in Cancuna, the south of Mexico, by plane from Cuba. By the way, the Mexican visa is not that much, but since we are flying to Cuba, just in case. We also got a schengen visa. I went through 2 countries until I arrived in Mexico, but I didn’t walk around after I had to fill out a form like this in none of them. A form is given to you on the plane about how many days you will stay in the country and that document is checked by officers on the way back. I didn’t think it had anything to do with different things, but this is the case.
    There is femininity in the show. Our plan is to rent a car from the airport and go as far north as we can, and finally finish the journey in Mexico City.
the philomingos XHARET MEXİCO
    We rented a car from the airport, of course, we intend to continue with navigation. But we couldn’t find any line with internet coverage at the airport. The fact that we don’t speak Spanish has caused us a lot of trouble. But the majority of the population in Mexico unfortunately does not speak English. So we can’t get along. While we were wandering around with the intention of calling the line until the evening, there is now a Chinese restaurant with hunger, and then there are shops open 24 hours in Mexico, at the same time you can sit and have a coffee. You can drink something like that. We threw ourselves into one of these shops in order to have a coffee and try our luck because we were tired. But there is no one who speaks English, so there is no line, so there is no navigation! I am throwing words at the tables where coffee drinkers sit in order to try my luck, in case someone knows English. Finally, my phone line saw someone’s wifi and I spoke directly to Leonardo Ramos, luckily, he spoke English and the man took it out and took it out. He gave me his line on his phone. I couldn’t find the place I reserved, but we found a hotel and threw ourselves away. Then he took me brooding and there is a cartel fear or something. I keep asking my friend why this guy gave me his phone line. I don’t think that the man might be good or anything like that (the man was fine)

The old civilations in Mexico

   Let’s go back to Cancun. Mexico is already called the Yucatan peninsula. If you look carefully at the map, you will notice that the southern part is lush. Wonderful Mexican people. Mexican people in the south are usually a square-faced, dark-skinned, medium-sized but very sweet person. If you don’t know English, you can say let’s go (we lived in a hotel with the hotel staff) and Mexico’s Antalya, Cancun. If you want to witness the Mayan civilization, you should go to Cancuna. Because the Southern Region of Mexico, the region away from America, is more local than the north. The feature is also reflected in the human ptototype. The people in the southern region are medium-sized, broad-faced, dark-skinned people. But they are just as friendly.
Mayan civilization ruins Mexico
  Mexico is a civilization consisting of a great mixture with the arrival of the Mayan civilization, then the Toltecs, then the Astecs, and the last Latins. Chitchen itza pyramid is a pyramid on the top of the pyramid consisting of a city like Ephesus, where the king gave a speech to his people. While this pyramid was being built, such a sound system was planned so that while the people were speaking, the sound Eco Eco Of course, if you want to witness the maya, aztec and toltec civilizations, you must go to xharet (marker), it is an excellent place, we paid 90 dollars for the entrance fee, but it was worth every penny, imagine a place that introduces all Mexican civilizations. The only maya village that has survived as long as the valley of the butterflies.  Dances of all those united civilizations. The Valley of the Birds. Maya Astek temples. Those cowboys with different hats that come to mind. Do you think I’m dreaming or something. Xharet is a country that needs to be separated for at least 1 day. er.
exorcism and symbolic sacrifice,xharet Meksiko
    Of course, when you come to Cancun, you can’t miss Tulum region. Tulum region is a complete holiday place. You can experience the sea and sun holiday you have dreamed of in this region. We chose Isla Muhares. A wonderful underwater museum has been built. Lots of sculptures under water. And of course the dog swimming with fish. Yes, I have experienced. Of course not alone.
the swimming with a shark Xharet Mexico
    There are also many structures called cenotes in the Tulum region. These structures are natural formations of fresh spring waters. However, the difference from the sources in our country is that there are many cenotes. Where you can do all kinds of activities on these hot waters. So, would you like to swim in a cave in fresh hot water or from a rope to a cenote? In other words, this region offers you a lot of activities. That you cannot think of in the Mexican forests.
Isla Mujares Mexico
  And of course cancun nightlife. I haven’t been to Las Vegas. But I had heard that it was competing with there.

   As a meal, we ate whatever we could find, since we could not advance a gram in Spanish and English on the other side. Sometimes I said lamb steak and pork steak came. By the way, everything is from corn. Bread lavash is made with wheat flour.  Whatever you can think of is made with corn. I’ll lie. They’re good at pain, but of course I prefer street vendors. I don’t think I can eat full black pepper with turkey and that flavor anywhere else. As for drinks, of course, when it comes to Mexico, I can say that they are masters in this field. Men can prepare amazing cocktails even from beer.

the tombstone ruins Xharet Mexico

 Where to stay in Cancun

 To be honest, was the most reliable address in an adventurous trip. The places we visited until the evening and saw 4 stars and above on booking in the evening were reasonable places for us. In 2017, we stayed in average hotels with an average price of 200 TL per person. By the way, at that time 1 lira was roughly equivalent to 4 Mexican pesos.
 If you go to Cancun
 1)Chitchen itza
 2) Xharet
 3) Tulum region and cenotes
 4) Isla MUjares must be visited
 Finally, I am ending this article by thanking Leonardo Ramos for his good intentions. Hoping that one day you will cross your path to Mexico. MEXICO 2 summers are on the way.
the tribalizm xharet Mexico

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